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My Story

Hello. How's it going? My name is Mickey Lever and I’m from London. I started CV Writing Pro in 2017, when I made the decision to share my experiences from job searching, the wisdom I acquired from top recruiters and job advisors.


In my early 20s I finished my bachelor degree and was struggling to find work during the Great Recession of 2008 and after. I took advantage of meeting highly skilled recruiters and job advisers who made huge corrections to my CVs, crossed out large chunks of texts and made lots of comments for me to make. After they helped me with my CVs and started job searching I noticed that whatever they taught me seemed to have generated results. I was getting loads of interviews and I received great feedback on my CV. Then I realised that if the lessons I learnt worked for me, why not help others. I started helping family members, friends, friends of friends. Then the word got around that I am a CV writer. So I decided to go CV WRITING PRO and write CVs for customers across the UK and the world.

I care a lot of people from all backgrounds and want to provide a CV writing service that is highly personalised and gives each customer the 5 Star treatment.


I work very attentively with my customers and am able to write their CVs from new or work from their existing CVs and optimise them. My CV writing services will highlight your skills, experiences and qualifications on your CV. 


I support Entry Level Graduates, Supervisors, Executives, Managers and many others. 


If you want to generate more opportunities to get your next job, I also write cover letters to complement your CV.


I believe that having a professionally written CV is an important investment. My prices are affordable and good value for money.

My Services

I write custom CVs because I want to help people get more opportunities to find the right job. A CV is a very personal document which explains the values and aspirations of a person. It is very important for me to understand my clients in order to help them communicate what they want. So I focus on building strong rapport with my clients, making them feel comfortable when they speak to me, which enables me to write the most attractive custom CVs.


  • A Top quality CV

  • Develop your professional profile

  • Be competitive in a tough job market

  • More time to job search

  • Land the interview

Why Choose CV Writing Pro To Write Your CV?

Check out my Google Reviews below and see what my customers have to say about me.

I believe that no matter what you have studied or what jobs you have worked, possessing a brilliant CV can take you on a prosperous career path.


My goal is to help you take their next step up in your professional journey no matter where you are. Whether you just finished university and are a new graduate, you are already a professional and want to get your well deserved promotion. Even if you want to change jobs and industries entirely. Anything is possible.


I am a dedicated and reliable professional writer who ensures that you get a CV that truly represents you, makes you feel confident and that will get you to your next great interview.

Your Professional CV Writer

Get Your High Quality CV Professionally Written! Save Yourself Time! Get the Job You Want! Sign up for Professional CV Writing Service London Today!

About me

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