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Send me a copy of your current CV and I will review it within 24-48 hours and give you a call or send you an email with my suggestions as to how it could be improved to ensure it is viewed more positively by prospective employers.

My professional CV review service is here to go through with you the main parts that normally accept or decline a job application. I do not use any applicant tracking software to review your CV as at the end of the day, your CV will be reviewed by a human being. 


Prospective employers have piles of CVs to go through. They usually spend no more than 10 seconds on each one and will assess whether they will consider your CV or not. 

The main parts of your CV I will review are:


I understand if you do not already have a CV as some professions do not necessarily require one or you may have been working at one company for a while. If so, then I’ll send you a CV Form for you to complete.

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Presentation and layout

Is your CV presentable and nicely laid out? Is the text and font easy to read? It is important to have a CV that is presentable to look at.


Just like wearing professional clothes to a meeting or interview.

How you look on paper is just as important as in person.

Personal profile

Does your personal profile create a strong impression with a quick read?

Does it highlight your expertise, experiences, and the benefits that you can bring to your future employer? A company wants to know how you have developed yourself professionally and if you are going to be valuable to their team.

What have you achieved throughout your job history? Is it easy for a recruiter or prospective employer to see what you have accomplished. It is important to provide evidence to support them such as numbers (percentages, quantity, money).


Besides making sure that your CV has been spell-checked, has correct use of punctuation and grammar, I will also check whether it has the optimal tone of voice. Does your CV say that you are an achiever? How you show yourself is imperative to getting your next job.


Length and formating

Does your CV have plenty of information, good use of bullet points, even distribution of content or does it have large paragraphs and small headings? Prioritising the information on the CV is crucial.

Describing or accomplishment

Your CV needs to portray who you are and what you have accomplished in your job. You want to apply for a role that has a title that has also been used by the majority of the other people applying for it. So why should they consider you?